SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

9:30 AM         Registration Opens

10:00 AM       Welcome Remarks
Laura Roberts, MD, MA - Stanford University
                        Michael McCullough, MD, M.Sc. - Capricorn Healthcare / Brain-Mind

10:15 AM         Exponential Neuroscience with Daniel Kraft, MD - Singularity University / Exponential Medicine

10:25 AM         Map of the Human Emotions with Paul Ekman, PhD - Paul Ekman Group, LLC

10:45 AM         From Operating System to User Interface: Upgrading Psychology with Neurobiology with Jamie Wheal - Flow Genome Project

11:05 AM         Stanford Innovators: Tip of the Spear with Laura Roberts, MD, MA (host)
                         Piece by Piece: Building a Human Brain in a Dish with Sergiu Pasca, MD - Stanford University
                         Braingate: Turning Thought into Action with Jaimie Henderson, MD - Stanford University
                         Circuits First with Amit Etkin, MD, PhD - Stanford University

11:45 AM         Revolutionary Tools for Understanding the Brain and Behavior with Karl Deisseroth, MD, PhD - Stanford University

12:30 PM         Lunch and Special Speaker - Sleep and the Vitality of the Mind with Michael Breus, PhD - The Sleep Doctor

1:00 PM           NeuroLab Experience opens on Third Floor (until 5:30 p.m.)

1:35 PM           Is Brain Research Circa 2016 Where Genomic Research Was Circa 1996? with Juan Enriquez, Excel Venture Management / Brain-Mind

2:10 PM           Hidden Brain Trauma, and How to Find It with Leslie Prichep, Ph,D, BrainScope

2:25 PM          Fireside Chat:  Transformative Advances In Brain & Body Aware Digital Applications - with hosts Alex Charlton & Wolfgang Daum, Ph.D. interviewing Tim Mullen, Ph.D. - CEO, QUSP & Dan Levendowski - Founder, ABM

2:55 PM          Special Guest

3:15 PM           Fireside Chat with Alex Charlton (host) - Carlyle Global Partners; Michael Hayden, MD - Teva Pharmaceuticals

3:35 PM          NeuroLab Experience and Social Break on Third Floor and surrounding areas

4:35 PM          Fireside Chat:  The Convergence of Neuro Technology and Real-Time Brain Monitoring - with hosts Alex Charlton & Wolfgang Daum, Ph.D. interviewing -- Dan Jeyanandarajan, M.D. - Founder/CEO Qneuro & Stanley Yang - Founder, Neurosky

5:00 PM          Fireside Chat:  New Frontiers for Drug Development in the Treatment of Neurological Diseases - with hosts Alex Charlton & Wolfgang Daum, Ph.D. interviewing -- Jonathan Kil, MD - CEO, Sound Pharmaceuticals & Dr. Uli Hacksell - CEO, Cerecor

5:25 PM          Short Powerhouse Talks with Juan Enriquez (host), Excel Venture Management / Brain-Mind
                        The New Neuroscience of the Mind-Body Connection with David Spiegel, MD - Stanford University
                        Presentation with Jack Gallant, PhD - University of California at Berkeley

5:50 PM          Closing Remarks with Michael McCullough, MD - Capricorn Healthcare / Brain-Mind

6:00 PM          Summit Ends

6:30 PM          Reception and Dinner - By Invitation Only, at home of Mike Maples, Jr. and Julie Allegro

9:00 PM          Dinner Ends